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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 17, 2014 10:00am-10:11am JST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. the governor of missouri has declared a state of emergency. protests have continued for a week over the police-shooting of a black teenager. about 300 peoplehered at a vigil for michael brown. protesters say the police officer killed someone who was not resisting. they call it an act of racial discrimination and warrant justice.
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>> civil rights leader jesse jackson led in a prayer. >> to show that this should never have happened. it should not happen anymore. >> it's just heartbreaking. if i didn't act, my heart couldn't stand it. >> chaos returned on friday night when shops were vandalized and looted. jay nixon responded with a nighttime curfew for ferguson. sunday marks one month since a malaysia airliner was shot down in eastern ukraine. >> a dutch official says the preliminary report won't be
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released until the end of this month as the test site hampers the investigation. malaysia airlines flight 17 was brought to the ground en route from amsterdam to kuala lumpur. all people onboard were killed. the dutch expect to play a major role into the probe into the cause of the accident. the battles between ukrainian forces and pro-russian militants have slowed the investigation down. a dutch official says the report will be released between late august and early september. >> they need more data to make a final report. they like to go to the crash site, but maybe it's not possible because it's very difficult and very dangerous to go over there. >> the authorities say they have so far identified 127 bodies, less than half of all the victims. the foreign ministers of russia, ukraine, germany and
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france will meet in berlin on sunday. it's expected the alleged movement of russian military vehicles into ukraine will top the discussions. the chief of staff of russia's president sergei ivanov met the head of the ukraine's presidential administration in sochi. they agreed to hold a meeting. ukraine's foreign ministry also reported that a four nation foreign ministerial meeting will be held in berlin. the united states and european countries expressed concern of reported entry into ukraine of russian military vehicles. russia denies the report. instead says that a convoy of russian vehicles had been stopped in a border area close to ukraine. the vehicles are carrying aid supplies to pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine. president putin stressed a need for aid supplies during a telephone conversation with german chancellor, angela merkel early on saturday. antigovernment protesters are staging a mass sit in.
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they're demanding the prime minister's resignation. tens of thousands of people began marching thursday and reached the capital on saturday. the demonstrators support the pakistan movement for justice, the country's second largest opposition party. they claim parliamentary elections last year were steered by massive fraud and are calling for a new election. members of an anti-sharif islamic organization have also joined the protest. >> translator: this government was built on corruption and fraud. they must resign. we'll continue the sit-in until we topple the regime. it came to power through a fraudulent election. >> the protests have so fared continued peacefully, but the government blocked roads around the area with shipping containers to prevent the demonstration from spreading to other areas.
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the government has deployed 30,000 security troops. the ebola outbreak in west africa have prevented three countries from taking part in an international sports event. nigeria, sierra leone and liberia have decided to withdraw from the youth olympic games which opened on saturday. some 3,800 young athletes from 201 countries and territories will compete in the sports competition in a chinese city. thomas bach, president of the international olympic committee or ioc said at the news conference that he feels sad for the athletes from three countries as it will be extremely difficult for them. guinea will continue to participate in the game which will run through the end of august. the outbreak in west africa is escalating with more than 1,100
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deaths reported in guinea, liberia, nigeria and sierra leone. at the games the ioc has already banned athletes from ebola-hit countries from competing in pool and combat sports events as a precautionary measure. >> huge bonfires lit up at ancient capital of kyoto saturday night. the buddhist ceremony went ahead despite heavy rainfall earlier in the day. some parts of the city had up to ten centimeters of rain per hour earlier in the day. in the tourist area, store owners were busy laying sandbags to keep water out. but the bonfires were lit as planned after sunset. the ritual is set to date back more than 300 years. in mid-summer, the spirits of ancestors are believed to return home. the fires are lit up to see off the spirits when they depart again. spectators braved drizzly rain to watch from rooftops around
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the city. >> translator: i was worried about the rain. so i'm glad to see those beautiful bonfires. >> translator: i hope this tradition will continue for generations to come. >> the fires were designed to make shapes when viewed from a distance. one on a mountainside formed the chinese character meaning lodge.
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coming up, a three-day weather forecast for selected cities. ♪ young animae fans in indonesia are in pop heaven this weekend.
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a fair is underway in the capital of jakarta. about 80 firms are taking part in the e vechbventevent, iminin major japanese toy manufacturer. fans lined up to buy toy figures of their favorite animae characters. they could also try on traditional kimonos at a booth set up by the japanese government. the organizers say indonesia is a promising population for japanese pop culture. they expect 60,000 visitors to
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attend the fair which ends on sunday. that's all for now. thank you for watching "newsline" u i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. >> welcome to cool japan. so what do you think? >> well, here's a hint. first, you must be independent. >> okay. and you must write it straight without wobbling. >> sounds deep. is it about life? >> and you can dodge whatever obstacles with this. >> bingo. yes, today's theme is bicycles. >> okay, let's get started. this is "cool japan." s. he


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